Stealth RacingLike most racing efforts, runs on a shoe-string budget.  One of the few 'products' we can offer, though, is the good old fashioned advertising surface area of the cars.  We don't want to be mis-leading - Many of the events we run have relatively few spectators, but those that are there are usually automotive minded members of the buying public.  Some events also have video coverage.  The events that we generally compete in each year usually include, but are not limited to: Also, we plan to have our PRO Rally car prepared again (for the first time since 1989) and would like to compete in some Eastern SCCA PRO Rally events again in 1998.
Stealth Racing's Advertising Rates
For a: Send us: Rate: (per year!)
 Business Card  Your card on a magnet.  $3.00 per card
 Business Card  Your card on a self adhesive sticker.  $5.00 per card
 Logo / Ad  Your graphics on a magnet.  $1.00 per square inch
 Logo / Ad  Your graphics on a self adhesive sticker.  $1.50 per square inch
 Logo / Ad  Your artwork on the medium of your choice.  $2.50 per square inch plus conversion